International students (foreign students) get their higher education in universities, academies and institutes, that are accredited and have a special license to teach foreign students. All the universities from the list of universities possess the license. The Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports of Romania controls the quality of educational services.

The examination of Romanian/ English/ French language skills for international students that apply for instruction in one of these languages, without preparatory year, takes place according to the methodology approved by the Institute of Romanian Language.

International students exempted from language test: you are from the country where the language is officially, you have done your previous studies in the same language with the language of instruction you have a certificate of language proficiency you can prove with documents that you have studied Romanian for at least four years

The testing centres and the periods for taking the language exams will be established subsequently. If you do not know the language of study, you must attend the courses of the Preparatory year in order to learn Romanian. During the first semester of the Preparatory year, you will study Romanian as a foreign language while during the second semester, you will study the Romanian vocabulary specific for the faculty fields where they will continue their studies: technical, mathematics, medicine, economy, law, humanists, agronomy, etc.

International students have to prove good knowledge of the teaching language (Romanian, English, French or German). For the students who do not meet this criterion there are specialized departments where they can improve their language skills

Usually, international students learn Romanian during the preparatory year. The candidates who speak Romanian can skip the preparatory year after having passed a test of Romanian language. The candidates, who can formally prove that they have studied in Romanian for at least four years consecutively, do not need to pass the Romanian language test or to attend the preparatory year.

The following universities organize the preparatory year:

1. "Politehnica" University of Bucharest;

2. University of Bucharest;

3. University of Bacau;

4. "Babes-Bolyai" University of Cluj;

5. "Ovidius" University of Constanta;

6. University of Craiova;

7. "Al. I. Cuza" University of Iasi;

8. University of Pitesti;

9. "Oil and Gas" University of Ploiesti;

10. West University of Timisoara.

Students will have to take language tests, during the academic year, in order to check their speaking and writing abilities. Foreign students, who have begun to study in their home country or in another country, can finish their studies in Romania. This is possible according to each individual case, after the recognition and equivalence of diplomas. College graduates who already have a diploma can continue their studies in similar faculties providing four-year courses, after applying to sit the entrance examination. If they pass the examination they go directly to the third academic year. Since 1998, Romanian universities have introduced the ETCS (European Transfer Credit System) which facilitates student mobility within the European universities. Further information is available at any Romanian university and at the Ministry of Education and Research, the General Department for International Relations.



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